These next few weeks, or perhaps even months,
are going to represent a tremendous challenge for us all.

Best of all, the overwhelming majority of ideas included in the
stronger, healthier, and closer as a couple or a family are 100% totally free.


And a portion of every purchase will be donated to either the Center for Disease
Philanthropy, which supports local non-profit organizations nationwide dedicated to
serving areas with high numbers of individuals affected by COVID-19 and/or high
numbers of individuals who are highly susceptible to COVID-19...

Or to the American Red Cross, to support the nationwide efforts to organize
desperately needed blood drives to assist in the recovery of COVID-19 patients...

Or to a local hospital to assist with medication, hospital beds, and medical supplies
needed to treat COVID-19 patients right there in Toronto.

But what if the Maple Leafs could provide
us with the guidance we need to find the
strength and the courage to overcome
challenging times, even when they aren't
Sooner or later,
It happens to all of us...

Because Life is Better When We're Scoring More Goals...

As a Couple, As a Family, and As a Community.
What if rather than taking out any fears, doubts, and frustrations we might be feeling on those closest to us, the Maple Leafs could
not only actually help us instead find the courage to overcome difficult times, but also help us find new ways to connect with one
another, and forge a healthier and stronger bond together in the process, even on those days they might not be playing?

Yeah, I know what you're saying. A stronger relationship, and a way to escape both boredom and stress, even during difficult times,
just by being a Leafs fan? Sounds too good to be true.

But it can be done. I absolutely assure you it can be done.

More Hockey, Even When The Leafs Aren't Playing...

More Ways to "Score More Goals" and Grow Closer Together
as a Couple and a Family During These Uncertain Times...

And the Opportunity to Give Back and "Score a Big Goal"
To Stamp Out COVID-19 For Good At The Same Time...

All Available to You in the Real Men's Guide™...

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Sometimes life can become such a treadmill that the spark, creativity, and
thrill that were once a part of your life together just seem to fade away.

And even worse, often when we are faced with difficult situations, we end
up taking out our stress, fears, and worries on the ones we care about
the most.
Together as a Couple and a Family!


How Hockey Can Unlock the Secrets to
More Successful Relationships


is available in ebook format from
Real Men Guides™.

But what if the exact same things that turned your favorite Maple Leafs
teams into winners...

Could not only help you come through this crisis stronger, healthier,
and closer than ever as a couple and a family...

But also help to raise money for those of us who need it most...

Those of us actually fighting the battles with COVID-19?
So why let that chance go by?

After all, why should the Leafs be the only ones you cheer on to “Score More Goals”?

Why not let the Leafs help you "Score More Goals" as a couple and a family, too, all while giving back by helping raise money to bring
an end to this pandemic once and for all?

Why not make this your greatest moment as a Maple Leafs fan?
Well, once again, they can.

I promise you they can.
While we all remain optimistic, none of us knows exactly when things will return to normal.  A great many of us are still waiting the
situation out until our employers feel safe to re-open. Still many more are waiting for our employers to resume running at full capacity.

Those of us that do have to work, particularly in the health care industry, will undoubtedly be facing the tremendous challenge of
treating more and more patients, with fewer and fewer resources at their disposal, all while simultaneously facing the challenge of
staying healthy themselves.

And undoubtedly, if we haven't already, some of us still may even lose someone we love.
You even get to choose which cause you would like to support!

So Not Only Can You "Score More Goals" With the Ones You Love
and Grow Closer Together as a Couple and a Family During This Crisis...

In the Spirit of Giving Back...

You Can Also "Score a Big Goal" by Helping People Facing the
Toughest Times of All to Come Together and Find Strength in One Another, Too.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

And you may even help save a life in the process.
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