About the Author
Michael Davis, a huge sports fan, was born in a small town
called Stoughton, Wisconsin. He split his childhood years
between Wisconsin and Texas, and he still has family living
in both places.

He runs his own business helping people find new career
opportunities that best suit their needs and desires. What he
realized is that most of the time when people change jobs,
it's because the employee and the company failed to nurture
a healthy relationship, the same reason couples often
separate or divorce.

Michael began writing the Real Men Guides to help people
understand how to better communicate and keep their
relationships - both in the workplace and in the home - more
rewarding. And given his love and passion for sports, he
could find no better teacher.

All Real Men Guides use real-life sports examples to teach
others how the same strategies that allow their favorite
players and favorite teams to succeed on the field can also
be used to have success in all aspects of our lives. He has
published a
Real Men's Guide to More Successful
for every NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL team.

Michael also teaches people who want to be able to spend
more time at home with their families how they can run their
own profitable home-based businesses without ripping
anyone off or feeling guilty. You can learn more about these
businesses at: